Hand writing is something that even depicts a person’s nature. In fact, it has been found that children, who practice their writing ability more, find the learning process easier. Many studies show that hand writing activities greatly enhance a child’s ability to learn to read. It give rise to better phonics skills, better reading fluency, good ability to capture word meanings, better word recognition and better background knowledge. Assisting older students improve their writing skills requires both excellent instruction and age-appropriate practice. You should choose a popular line of poetry or a famous saying, and ask children to write it down and continue writing when the writers get stuck they can begin a new by rewriting the sentence or phrase and taking a different approach. Ask Write for Kids about their likings and disliking so that they can have different perspective of writing. This exercise is a great test for kids’ imaginations, and a means of brain storming. Writing is nothing but the outcome of thoughts expressed in written form. It is a unique quality in the human beings that we can express our feelings through speech and writings. This quality distinguishes us from the animals and our rational thinking helps us in expressing our inner feelings. Expressing the thoughts also give a great relief to the mind because it enlighten our stress. Earlier there was misconception that ‘formal grammar’ improves a child’s ability to write. So children were taught grammatical analysis as part of the effort to improve their writing. On the other hand when educational researchers found evidence that the study of English grammar had a negligible effect upon the correctness of children’s writing in the early part of the five secondary schools. Various studies also proved that grammar teaching does nothing writing for Children. Developing effective writing skills are not only valuable for academics but are also important for future. Similar to other complex skills, reading and writing are result of development and learning. Reading with the children and helping them with writing and spelling can help boost their achievement. It’s easier to get into good handwriting habits early on than to correct poor writing later, when the pressure of schoolwork is greater. So parents and teachers should help the children cultivate good writing skills. Children must learn how to proofread their own works sooner, for them to be able to be independent in writing their own papers. Several children find it uneasy to construct their own sentences. If the child knows the right verbs for a certain sentences, it would be much easier for them to create a whole essay or article even without any help. Moreover, parents and teachers can nurture good writing habits among children by giving them some sentences to fill in the blanks.

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