Get to Know Marian Thomas, Bestselling Clean Fiction Author of My Father’s Colors

For many readers (men and women), finding a Clean Fiction Author can seem nearly impossible these days. Sex, gore, and profanity are elements found in many mainstream novels as well as in the romance genre. One Bestselling Author is bucking that trend, and in so doing has shown that being a clean fiction author can lead to a huge following of loyal readers. Her name is Marian Thomas, and chances are if you have not heard of her work yet, you will soon. To date, she has three wonderfully acclaimed romantic and dramatic novels published. Her writing is superb in and of itself, but what sets her apart from many other bestselling authors is her refusal to inject into her stories profanity and themes that are sexually explicit which many of her contemporaries do in order to boost sales and media coverage. Ms. Thomas has long believed that the foundation of good book sales is a good story. And to that end she crafted two novels (her first two novels, by the way) that propelled her onto Rhythm and Blues and Soul Bestsellers List’s Top 100. Those novels, “Color Me Jazzmene” (2010) and “My Father’s Colors” (2011) have since become incredibly popular with a worldwide audience. “My Father’s Colors” went on to become a finalist choice for the 2011 USA Best Book Awards. With novels such as these to her credit, it is no wonder that she is one of the most popular bestselling authors in print today. While Ms. Thomas is a clean fiction author, she is by no means avoiding the themes and tones that drive a story forward. Her novels probe and explore the most intriguing and intimate themes of family strife, race, abuse, friendships, and teen pregnancy. While strong and powerful, her stories do not rely on sexually explicit scenes or extreme profanity. In addition to being a bestselling author, Ms. Thomas is also a motivational and inspirational speaker who has given numerous seminars and workshops entitled: Publish Yourself First-Become a “Plan A” Author. When she was asked: What do you hope readers will learn from your books? She answered: “As women we are made up of so many colors. In our crayon box of life, you will find attitudes, reflections, journeys, pains, loves and even disappointments. These all color us in such a way that it defines what we are made of. As women, we can either allow the people in our life to color us or we can determine our own colors. Make your colors beautiful!” Her latest novel, Strings of Color, is currently available online and from her website. Her website, by the way, is a great place to get to know more about this powerful bestselling author and why she has been voted the most popular clean fiction writer in print today. Her site also contains information on upcoming events, seminars, and book signings. Contact information is also available for those who may wish to schedule Ms. Thomas for their book club or event.

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