The 7 Best Treks In Peru

Paying a visit to Peru is undoubtedly on your bucket list whether you’re an enthusiastic traveller or an avid hiker. It is a breathtaking country with varying landscapes, and it deserves more tourist footfalls than it gets. Most people think that Machu Picchu is the lifeline of Peru’s tourism. They forget that the Cordillera Blanca is as mesmerizing as Machu Picchu if not more. It is safe to state that an explorer’s journey to Peru will remain incomplete without the Cordillera Blanca. These mountains create a whole new world where jungles remain under clouds. This mountain range houses the world deepest canyon and the mysterious remains of a long-lost world. Here are some of the best trekking routes in the Cordillera Blanca Mountain Range. Salkantay Trek: The Salkantay Trek starts at the Sacred Valley of the Incas. It is one of Best treks Peru and it takes you through the Willkapampa Mountain range. It is one of the most astonishingly beautiful peaks in the Peruvian Andes. Those who went trekking here say that it is much better than the Inca Trail. Choquequirao Trek: It is another one of the Best treks Peru. Choquequirao is probably one of the last Inca cities that stood before the civilization succumbed to the Spanish. It is apparent from the majestic nature of the citadel that stands here. The trek starts from Cusco, and it is quite different from the Machu Picchu trek. Vilcabamba Trek: It is one of those trekking routes which only a few tourists choose to take. The place is quite a remote one, and the trek is as challenging as rewarding. Trekkers walk by rarely seen ruins which are deep inside the jungle. They also get to explore Vilcabamba, the final refuge of the Incas. Ausangate Trek: There was a time when the Incas used to go for pilgrimages on this sacred mountain. Today, trekkers from all over the world visit Peru to follow the footsteps of the Incas. Ausangate has some of the most beautiful sceneries in the world. It also allows you to get a taste of the Quechua culture. Huayhuash Circuit Trek: This trekking route is a demanding one, and you should attempt it only if you wish to test your mettle. The trail will lead you to the mighty Huayhuash Mountain range. This area is an unforgiving one but visually stunning too. The route passes through some of the most infamous mountains of Peru. Santa Cruz Trek: Considered to be one of the best in the world, it is the most famous place in the Cordillera Blanca area. You won’t face many difficulties on this trek as it leads through open valleys, lagoons, and snow-capped peaks. Lares Trek: This trekking tour generally lasts three days. It takes you through the Lares Valley from Ollyantambo. Those who couldn’t secure a permit for the Inca Trail choose to do the Lares Trek. For everyone All the trekking routes mentioned in this topic include something for everyone. Physically adept as well as regular individuals can choose one of the treks. Of course, if you want to take part in a demanding trek, you must prepare yourself for it before. Don’t forget to find out about the best time to visit Peru. The weather here can be fickle.

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