Indian E Visa Everything You Should Know

For many years, enormous foreign tourists are traveling to India for business, tourism, medical, employment, and many more purposes. However, they are first required to obtain official permission to get an entry in India for any of these purposes, which they now can acquire through an online platform. The government of India, after years of repeated amendments in Indian visa regime, has made this facility available on its online website on the internet. Things that are must to be noted here are that an e-visa fits only three purposes namely tourism, business, and medical and only when the duration of stay is short, or else foreign nationalists can obtain a regular visa for India. It is an electronic authorization for which applicants are needed to submit the necessary documents and passport on the Indian e visa online portal instead of Indian consulate. The Indian mission or post grants approval to the request of the applicants and issues them the entry permission via email. As of today, the citizens of around 166 nationalities are eligible to apply for Indian e visa, which doesn’t include those foreign nationals whose parents or ancestors have been a citizen of Pakistan as they can only apply for a regular visa. Since there can be possible delays in the visa approval process, it is advised to the applicants that they must apply at least four days before the date of departure, but not more than 120 days before the day of departure. Along with necessary details in the application, applicants should also upload a passport-sized photograph and a scanned photo of the page of the passport that contains personal information of the applicant. After being done with the application and the fee payment for the same, applicants will receive an officials’ response via the email that they must have been provided in the application form. Those holding an e tourist visa can stay in India for not more than 90 days on each visit for one year. Also, unlike before, the validity of e tourist and e-business visas begins from the date of the issue instead of the date of arrival in India and instead of two entries in a year, they are now permitted to make multiple entries during the valid period. However, those traveling from the US, UK, Japan, and Canada, are allowed to stay for a maximum 180 days instead of 90days on each visit on the e-tourist visa. All foreign nationals on a business trip can stay in India for a maximum 180 days, unlike that on an excursion trip. Those traveling for getting medical treatment at an Indian medical organization along with a medical attendant and hold the possession of e medical visa and e medical attendant visa, can stay in India for maximum 60days on each visit and make triple entries in a year. Indian e visa facility is also granted for conference purposes, for which applicants are provided with e conference visa which is only valid for thirty days.

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