How To Enjoy Each And Every Bit Of Andaman Traveling

Andaman is known as a picturesque island of the Indian Territory. Andaman is a small archipelago in the Bay of Bengal and its charming beauty will certainly hypnotize you. There are many things to explore in Andaman to enjoy every bit of travelling. Those include swimming with colourful fish while snorkelling, underwater scuba diving, underwater sea walking, etc. The crystal clear turquoise water invites everybody to enjoy the coastal fun time while getting a tan, soaking in the sun, making sandcastles of the shimmery sand, dipping your feet in the clear water, and getting mesmerized by the magnificent views. Andaman is one of the best honeymoon destinations in India and the best preference of the newlyweds to enjoy every bit of travelling there. In case you have tied a knot and want to go on a trip to Andaman, you should deal with one of the most reasonable Andaman holiday packages. The serene beauty of sandy beaches, exotic wildlife, blue lagoons, and fun-filled excursions will certainly mesmerize you. You will encounter the tribal life of India here as well. Not just travellers across India but also from various parts of the world visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands to enjoy the exciting beauty of these islands. It’s important to book your tour with a reliable travel partner to explore each and every bit of the beauty of these islands. While searching for one of the best Andaman tour packages, ensure to book the best one. You must do intense research as every travel partner can’t meet your needs and serve your purpose. These packages are all the time available because people visit Andaman throughout the year. Tour companies which arrange such trips offer a wide range of Andaman holiday packages customized as per client needs. Things to Enjoy in Andaman In Andaman, each and every bit of travelling is filled with fun since the destination will give you a lot of surprises. Think about old tribes, gorgeous corals, magnificent rainforests, and serene beaches, crystal clear turquoise water – where will you find all these and more in India? Definitely, on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands! With a rich flora and fauna cover, Andaman is truly a tropical paradise on earth. With their serenity, the islands will certainly blow your mind away. Let’s have a look at our top picks of things to enjoy in Andaman! 1. Snorkelling Snorkelling is a favourite activity in the Andaman among people. People across the world visit this place to explore this water activity and swim with the colourful fish. Explore the underwater sea world in a completely new way while doing this water activity. Snorkelling offers you an ideal view of marine life. Unveil the coral reefs underwater while snorkelling with the colourful fish. You will get equipment and gears for this activity. Enjoy this great water sport for nearly 15 minutes and capture all happy moments with your partner underwater. 2. Underwater sea walking The underwater walk at Havelock Island and North Bay Island is one of the major attractions in Andaman. Just wear a helmet to breathe normally and explore fish and corals personally while enjoying the walk. Imagine fishes floating over your head while you are walking. This is an experience of a totally different ecosystem – a lifetime experience. 3. Scuba diving This is another preferred water activity in the Andaman. People across the world visit the Andaman to enjoy this water activity. With the beautiful corals and turquoise water, this diving encounter in Andaman is the most favoured activity among people. You can enjoy scuba diving in Andaman for nearly 1 hour and explore the marine life. You will be guided by an expert on your diving for your safety. Enjoy diving deep into the ocean and explore the sea life in the Andaman. The diving expert will guide you to the best places in the sea where you can uncover the ocean. 4. Bird watching Chidiya Tapu or the bird island of Andaman is a lush green place with mangroves, forests and different bird species. The continuous chirping of birds all over the day, birds in every size, shape, and colour simply lazing around or flying from a tree to another finding food. Thereby, bird watching is one of the best things to include in the Andaman tour packages if you love to explore nature. Look out for eagles, doves, drongos, and parakeets and more birds which have made this spot their home. 5. Trekking Usually, you won’t relate Andaman with trekking but Madhuban, a place 20kms away from Port Blair by ferry, is an ideal place for it. Various indigenous flora and fauna, lush green forests, and enchanting natural beauty make Madhuban a delight of adventure seekers. The most famous route is from Madhuban to Mount Harriet, the highest peak in the archipelago. The dense forest, wooden bridges, and zigzag ways all around you make this trekking popular. 6. Exploring the Barren Island Barren Island looks like a desert because it’s uninhabited and barren. Here you can visit the single active volcano in India and encounter excitement with this bizarre excursion that offers a lifetime adventure. With some rats inhabiting the place, bats like flying foxes, and bird species, exploring the Barren Island is one of the chilling things to do in the Andaman. This offbeat yet unusual excursion offers you a fun-filled ride on the island nestled in the mid-sea without any sign of human residence in view. Conclusion As I said Andaman is one of the best honeymoon destinations in India , these are a few things to enjoy if you book the all-inclusive Andaman tour packages. Browsing online, you will find different providers of Andaman holiday packages. Check their services and gather all the details so you can book the best one. Ensure to book one that can help you cover all tourist places in Andaman.