5 Most Underrated But Idealistic City Breaks

Are you a travel lover but have visited almost all popular places multiple times? Do you want to explore something new? Be it London, Paris, Rome or any popular city, if you have visited them all and want to see some hidden gems of the world, then we have the solution for you. Forget about the big and popular names and let us explore the lesser-known cities which have everything to offer which make them deserving to get your attention. Now book your low-cost airline tickets and have your next vacation in one of these places. You will be amazed to see such amazing hidden treasures of the world. 1. Athens, Greece Being the heart of ancient Greece, a powerful civilization and empire, Athens is the capital of Greece. Athens is a city where the birth of Western civilization took place, and if you like history and old architecture, it will be amazing for you to explore this city. The landmarks are of ancient times, most of 5th century BC. Moreover, the city has some great attractions like the Temple of Olympian Zeus which was once the largest temple of the ancient world and is a must-visit place. You should also not miss the Acropolis, Ancient Agora, Acropolis Museum and the changing of the guard at the Parliament House. The city becomes more lively in the evening when people come out of their houses and visit great restaurants offering fresh gorgeous Mediterranean food and that too at a very reasonable price. You will love Monastiraki, Plaka and Psyri districts in the evening and enjoy the lively atmosphere. 2. Dresden, Germany Located on the river Elbe, Dresden is a charming capital of Saxony and is also known as ‘Florence of the Elbe’. It is an important center for art and architecture. If you like to visit historical places, this city holds something for you. The city was heavily bombed at the end of World War II but the historical centre has been beautifully restored. The city is divided by the Elbe river in two parts, viz., Old Town and New Town. The Old town is very beautiful filled with pretty historic buildings. On the other hand, New Town has great ethnic restaurants and small shops for food and shopping. Zwinger Palace is a must-visit and if you are a shopping lover, do visit the Primak shop which is closest to Prague. 3. Warsaw, Poland Warsaw is one of the cheapest weekend break destinations you should travel for a short break from the daily monotony of life. The main area of this city is the Old Town which is even more attractive than the whole city. If you are a foodie and like to try traditional food, this place is heaven for you as there are many restaurants offering mouth-watering traditional polished delicacies. Pre-Christmas time is the best time to visit this place when the whole city markets are twinkling with lights and make the city even more beautiful. 4. Faro, Portugal If you want to spare some time and relax on the beaches, Faro is the best place to choose where you can spend your weekend chilling and relaxing on the beach and that too in a very low budget. You can easily get very cheap flight deals for Faro. This place is a perfect option for a beach break. There are lots of wonderful beaches nearby which you can explore. You can rent a car to visit the coastline. Albufeira beach is a must-visit, which is just 40 minutes drive from Faro. Moreover, the city offers a very pretty and laidback atmosphere with some great places to eat and relish your taste buds. 5. Valencia, Spain Valencia is one of those cities that perfectly combines bustling city streets, history, nature, and a beautiful beach. It is an all in one trip package option which must be considered while planning a vacation. The beautiful city of Valencia is often overshadowed by its more popular Spanish rivals of Barcelona and Madrid but it definitely shouldn’t be overlooked! Earlier, a river used to run through Valencia but it was once flooded badly and hence was diverted leaving a dry waterbed. Now, that waterbed has been converted into ‘The Garden of Turia’ and turned into a beautiful green area filled with pine woods, flowers, play areas, fountains, orange trees, cycling paths and lots of other sports activities. This is a must-visit place. Moreover, modern Science and Culture Park in the stunning Old Town area is not to be missed the place.

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