What Are The Main Setup Steps Associated With Alexa App For The Echo?

Amazon Echo device is considered as the most useful device, especially for smart homes. If the device is perfectly set up, then it can make your life hassle-free up to a great extent. The echo device can work according to your voice commands. It has the ability to perform many tasks such as playing music, set alarms & reminders, provide latest news updates, switch ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ lights & fans at home and a lot more. If you need help associated with Alexa App for echo set up, you can directly approach the experts for help. The professionals are proficient enough to provide you with a single stop solution related to the Alexa device. Main setup steps associated with Alexa App for echo Download the Amazon Alexa App You can download the Alexa App from the play store for iOS or Android. If you want to download the App for Windows, then you can download it from the official website. Moreover, there is a Web app that will also handle the setup. Pick an Echo Device to Set Up To use Alexa, you must need an Amazon account. If you don’t have an Amazon account, then you need to create a new one. Otherwise, simply sign-in and proceed further. Then, select the option ‘add device’. You need to add your echo device and move ahead. Tap the Echo device that you want to set up. Enter Setup Mode During the setup mode, the Echo’s light ring will flash blue and after some time, it will turn orange. In case you are unable to see the orange light, just press & hold the Action button for 5 seconds. Finally, the Alexa will perk up and tell you that ‘Now in setup mode’. Connect your Smartphone or system Then, you will be directed to close the Amazon Alexa App. Move to the phone’s Wi-Fi settings. Now, look for an Amazon network & connect to it. Return to the Alexa App to continue with the setup process. Setup Wi-Fi network In the Alexa App, you will see a list of present Wi-Fi networks, choose your Wi-Fi network. Then, enter the Wi-Fi password when it is asked and connect. Now, your Alexa will say “Your Echo is ready”. If you have any doubts or queries regarding the Alexa device, then you just need to dial our helpline number. Our professionals will surely provide you an instant solution to fix any problem associated with your device. Alexa App for echo set up becomes easy if you get connected with our technical experts. The technicians are ever ready to handle the problems of the customers. Do not hesitate to contact us; we promise you to provide top-notch services. The advancement in technology has flooded the market with incredible innovations and Alexa App for Echo Setup is a part of it which has become popular in a very shorty. Based on the voice commands, Echo App allows users to perform different functions and tasks. The aforementioned steps will let you complete the Echo Setup without any hassle. It is recommended to follow the instructions as per the mentioned sequence, this will help you to avoid the trouble in the setup process.