4 Best Wireless Headsets for Call Center Employees

Call centers need to receive and transmit a large number of requests by telephone day and night. The headphones requirement is the most in a call center and to give the best response it is necessary to have the headphones that are specifically designed for such use where the office is full packed with other people taking calls. Wireless headsets are so important if there is a need to move around in the office or on the desk. These 4 wireless headphones are the best for call center use to increase the productivity to the maximum. Jabra Pro 925 Wireless Headset: Jabra pro952 is monaural set that can easily be connected with a single touch with two devices simultaneously. It allows pairing with up to 8 devices, and you can simply switch between them with one button instantly. Jabra pro series is designed for the offices crowded with a large number of people and telephones. Pro 925 is wireless, single-channel USB headband. It focuses on the noise cancellation for crystal clear call experience. Pro 952 safe tone feature reduces the volume for high frequency sounds automatically to avoid sudden sound raise that is harmful to ears. To avoid frequent charging, it gives the talk time up to 12 hours and 186 hours of standby time. The wireless range for this set is 300 ft. Plantronics Savi w710: Plantronics wireless headsets have no match in sound quality. Save w710 is a monaural headpiece with a base on which it rests and charges. It has a battery and busy light indicators. Plantronics Savi series is the game changer when it comes to communication via call. Its unmatchable features are proved to increase the productivity, focus, and comfort to the most. Call management: Savi’s three-way connectivity allows you to connect to three devices simultaneously and switch between them and mix sounds for flexible communication. It automatically routes call to the chosen device. It has a button on the earpiece to attend or end the call, volume up and down the bottom, mute call button, and an LED busy light indicator. Sound quality: Wideband audio technology provides high-quality sound. Noise-canceling system cancels all the surrounding sound for more transparent call experience. Battery time: Up to 9 hours is its battery time which is fantastic. Almost we do almost 8 hours of job so its really fantastic. Weight: 72g. It is lightweight and feels like nothing even for longer hours. Jabra Engage 65 Mono: Engage series to provide the industry-leading performance and is for everyone. Engage 65 mono comes with the base that charges the set and has light indicators for busy and battery. Wireless connectivity: Its connectivity ranges up to 150/490ft. It connects up to five devices, three times more users to work in the same workplace. Crystal clear calls: Noise-canceling is essential for call centers to cut other employees talking on the phone to increase the focus. Hence the more you will focus on your ongoing call with the customer the more you listen carefully and easily for better results. Talk Time: Up to 13 hours. Above are our best searched wireless headsets for the Employees who are doing jobs in different types of Call Centers. Actually i have already worked in a Call Center where we had always headset problems. So, this post is all about it.

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