Lucid dreaming is the realization that someone is having a dream and can control it to a certain degree. It is not always as the dreamer wants because of psychological and other outside factors that influence the outcome. Lucid dreamers have this type of dream from practice and experience. You can teach yourself to do lucid dreams. Some of the things are to ask yourself, during the day, if I am dreaming. After enough time it becomes second nature and you won’t have to ask. With enough practice these things will be incorporated into your dreams without thinking. Lucid dreaming is like being in real life. Keep a journal of your dreams. It might be enlightening to see how these dreams connect or intertwine. Lucid dreaming is a thing that a lot of people don’t understand. Some people call them night mares. It is where there was an experience that triggered the dream. Most lucid dreams happen right before waking. It is during the REM sleep cycle. I have found that I take a nap in the afternoon I have lucid dreams. I usually sleep for an hour or lass and I remember the dream that I had. It is suggested that a nap a couple of hours after waking is the best time to take a nap for dreaming. Dreaming is something that we all do. Some people don’t remember their dreams. It is usually because of a traumatic experience from the past. I have found that if I want to do lucid dreaming I need to be in control. I usually don’t remember my dreams at night because of my memories of the war; however I can dream in the afternoon and can remember what I have dreamed. I took me a lot of years to get that way. Lucid dreams occur with some regularity with most people. You probably have had some and really did know what it was. When you keep a log of your dreams you can find some sort of connection that they have. It most likely is in the sub-conscience. A lot of times this cannot be controlled but it gives you a place to start. If you are having problems going to sleep at night or when your normal sleep time is the best way to help is getting up earlier. Lucid dreams might seem like real life. They can tell a story or maybe be something that you have done during the day. You might want a different outcome to the experience and lucid dreaming can do that. No matter you are dreaming and can remember you have had a lucid dream. If you are having trouble you might want to see a specialist. There are people that can interpret dreams. It is one of the experiences that can be a mystery or a blessing.

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