Prepare Yourself For Self Improvement – 10 Questions You Can Ask to Yourself

Before starting with self improvement preparation one should know exactly what is self improvement. Self improvement is the improvement of your knowledge, your status and your character by your own efforts. When I look at my life I find myself quite satisfied with the way things are happening in my life, but there are so many real life issues that are above my satisfaction and need to be discussed. I always hope for a better world that is full of peace instead of wars, where no one is homeless, no one is starving for food and that has something more meaningful. Though, we are bombarded with lots of problems that should not become a nuisance or hindrance for us. These problems should not hold us back from becoming what we ought to be. We all should have aspirations like kids have that should be continue within us, even though, it can be short-lived or for long time depending on our ability to hold on to our dreams. Some people say “you can’t teach on old dog new trick”- is it really true? 1. What do I want from my life? Everyone wants to do so many things in his life but has very little time to even think of all the things during the day. In such situation best thing is take small steps towards your improvements starting with finding something you are good at. Your conscience will be the key for you to find whether it’s worth it or not. 2. Do I really need to change? Young generation is at different level of redefining self. After interacting with so many kids I came to know that there can be far worse things than just having acne. Now it comes to you, how does it affect your lifestyle? History had taught us one thing; it’s our life that we have already lived. Try to observe that partying in Seventies style may not appeal to the younger generation, but dancing is part of partying for them as well. You should tell them how to really dance and notice them applauding you. 3. What is the positive side of doing all this? So many things are happening all around us that we can’t even think of the light at the end of the tunnel. We should look at it as something positive without going through so much of analysis. Take it in a way that if it’s a train at the other side of the tunnel, I will take a ride to see what makes world go around. 4. Am I comfortable doing all this? When we are in a dilemma that what goes with which dress or what not, we will always find easy and the right way to decide. You don’t need to be genius to make yourself unique, but need to bring variety in your life. That brings new and exciting questions for you to experiment. 5. Is it enough what I have done for myself? You should ask yourself that do you want to do something more for yourself? Unhappiness in large amount and in every aspect is dangerous, but if it is in small amounts it will enable you to find and do the things you could not even imagine doing. 6. Am I satisfied where I am today? You may find it an unfair question to answer. But it’s important. Everyone wants to be a loving person in his/her life, so take up the notch. You will be loved by everyone. Same thing goes with your everyday life. You have many other questions like do I earn enough money for me, am I happy with my job or do I want to own my business? 7. Am I Pleasing? Always remember that if you are appealing to others it is always for your own benefit. You may not have answer to this question, but at least you can try. Whatever you do like shape-up, your dressing sense or even your attitude, everything will help you out. 8. How much can I try? There is nothing like too much or too little, more important is how eagerly you need it. I would like to become CEO of some company, ok, but the fact is how much am I willing to work to get it? 9. What Motivates Me? This is a question that only you can answer for yourself. Different people have different motivational aspects working for them and make them happy, but to choose one aspect is the most difficult part. You need to go step by step to uncover your motivations piece by piece. 10. What Really Makes You Tick? What makes you tick? It can be anything you always wanted to be, but to recognize that achieving something that seems to be very difficult is already leaving before you even start journey. Always remember, that self-improvement is not only about the physical or mental change you need to go through, but it’s something that you actually want.