Ways Through Which You Can Increase Positive Vibes in Your Home

Every house has its own kind of energy. A person, who makes the house their home, is influenced and affected by the energy. According to our traditions, Vastu is the healing art of inducing positive vibes in the house. If you are about to move into a house, we have a few tips of Vastu to maintain the positive aura and good vibes of your new home. And even if you have been living in a house for quite a while, these methods will ensure your home is clean of negative energy. 1. The entrance The entrance of the house is the entry point for the energies. To increase the concentration, the entrance of the house must be placed in a way that when you step out of the door, you must be facing the north, east or north-east direction. The quality of the wood not only ensures the safety of the house but also defines the attraction of positive vibes inside the house. It must be larger than the other doors inside the house. The door, when opened, must turn in a clock-wise direction. Placing good luck charms and torans near the main doorway is also a good way to attract good energies. 2. Spiritual room Adding a designated meditation or spiritual room in the house can do wonders in the ways of attracting good energy into the house. The room will serve as a platform for you to concentrate and release your stress of the day in a positive and effective way. The room in the east of the house would be the perfect room for spirituality and wellness. Keeping minimal lighting and focusing on more organic methods of illumination adds up to the positive vibes. Candles and lamps are some of the illuminating methods you can use. 3. Living room Living space is where we entertained most guests. There is a inflow and outflow of energies in the living room due to all the people entering and leaving. Ensuring your living room has the right Vastu factors is great for the energies of the house. Also, since it is the first room people see upon entering the house, maintaining the right energy of the room becomes really crucial. The living room must be east, north or north-east facing. Try keeping the heavy furniture in the west or south-west direction of the room. Mirrors or artifacts with mirror must be placed on the north wall of the room. 4. Bedroom Bedroom is the space where we rest after a long hard day. The energies of the room must be positive and enchanting so that it’s possible for you to get complete rest without troubles. Your bedroom must be in the south-west direction to bring good health and prosperity. Avoid keeping the head of your bed towards the north or north east direction since it can cause health problems. Avoid placing a mirror on the top of your bed. Migsun is a real estate company that builds residential projects in Ghaziabad, Greater Noida and Lucknow. It is also one of the best commercial projects builders in Greater Noida. Started in 1989, Migsun’s flag has passed through three generations of entrepreneurs. With verticals across real estate, education, hospitality and skill development, Migsun is bringing the wave of change and progress in the society.