The Relationship Between Sitting And Prostatitis

Recently, Richard came to the men’s clinic to tell about the symptoms that bothered him. He said that in recent days, there had been feelings of frequent urination, the urgency of urination, slight burning of the urethra, and discomfort of acid swelling in the abdomen and perineum. Think oneself got what urethritis disease, took a few antibiotic hind, discovery symptom is like before. Richard is puzzled about his excellent habit of living. He doesn’t drink or smoke. Why does he have these symptoms for no reason? In a detailed inquiry about Richard’s life in recent days, we found the reason. As a project was about to expire, he worked overtime for a week and sat for at least 12 hours a day. Over time, the above symptoms appeared. It can be seen that sedentary is one of the crucial factors leading to prostatitis. So, many people will be confused about why “sedentary” can lead to the occurrence of prostatitis? The answer is closely related to the location of the prostate. The prostate is the largest accessory gland of men, which is rooted in the pelvic cavity and plays an important role. When men sit down, they are closely connected with stools. We often describe men as “sitting” on the prostate. For a long time, it will produce a kind of aseptic “compression inflammation,” and there will be bladder irritation signs such as frequency of urination, the urgency of urination, burning of the urethra, etc. And prostate inflammation often “implicates” the surrounding tissue, will appear lumbosacral, abdomen, perineum, scrotum, and other parts of the acid sink, fall bloated feeling. It is the common prostatitis of “where there is oppression, there is resistance.” Treatment of prostatitis can choose herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can treat not only the disease area but also inhibit the further spread of inflammation. Besides, it can also treat inflammation and other parts of the range of infection, and its role is to affect the entire tissue system. In modern life, “sedentary” has become a common phenomenon of life and work. Richard, who often sits and works, questions how “sedentary” people should deal with prostatitis. First, restore your student life, get up every 40 minutes to an hour, and give your stressed prostate a rest. Second, many young people will forget about the activities as soon as they work. It is recommended to drink more water at work. No matter whether you take water or go to the toilet for drinking more water, you will get up, so passive exercise is also a way to relieve pressure on the prostate. In addition to sedentary, the causes of prostatitis also include genetic factors, dysuria, psychological factors, drug stimulation, poor living habits, environmental factors, endocrine abnormalities, lack of nutrition, etc. Therefore, it is vital to keep a positive and optimistic attitude towards life. We should contact with nature more, listen to some soothing music if possible, and choose suitable physical exercises according to our material conditions. Pay attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation, strengthen nutrition supplements, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Don’t eat spicy and greasy food. Most importantly, don’t smoke or drink. It’s vital to have a lot of rest and sleep.

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