Can Temperature Drop Affect Prostatitis?

Experts pointed out that the prostate is a more sensitive organ in men. If men spend a long time in the low-temperature environment, they will slow down the blood circulation and immunity of the prostate, which will give the inflammation existing in the prostate a chance. At present, when inflammation occurs in the prostate gland, the bacteria existing in the gland tube will continue to multiply, and the toxins and purulent substances produced will stimulate the prostate gland. Then it will cause adhesion, stenosis, and even blockage of the prostate gland tube orifice. Moreover, the prostatic fluid and harmful secretions are deposited in the gland tube and cannot be discharged usually, causing the prostate tube to swell and deform gradually. And the discomfort and testicles that will cause swelling and pain will appear. The burning sensation of falling pain even causes symptoms such as frequent urination, the urgency of urination, and soreness of urination. The prostate is an essential organ of the male reproductive system. Inflammation of the prostate can cause not only local symptoms and discomfort but also cause lesions of other organs of the body. The temperature drop will affect the prostate as follows: The temperature drop will affect prostate one: decreased immunity. The long-term occurrence of inflammation will lead to the decline of male resistance, which will increase the chance of other bacterial infections. The temperature drop will affect prostate two: sexual dysfunction. Inflammation leads to the damage of excitatory nerve, affects the quality of sexual life, even affects the relationship between husband and wife. The temperature drop will affect prostate three: fertility. The abnormal secretion of prostatic fluid will affect the survival and quality of spermatozoa. And it will cause seminal vesiculitis, hemospermia, and infertility. The temperature drop will affect prostate four: damage to the kidney. The inflamed and swollen prostate will compress the urethra, resulting in urinary obstruction, hydronephrosis, and chronic renal failure. From the anatomical position, the prostate is adjacent to seminal vesicle, vas deferens, ureter, bladder, and rectum. So prostatitis is often secondary to the inflammation of other organs of the urogenital system. And it occurs at the same time with seminal vesiculitis. Therefore, it may be threatened by reinfection if you treat the inflammation of the prostate and ignore the other inflammation of the urogenital system. And the treatment of prostatitis can choose herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can treat not only the disease area but also inhibit the further spread of inflammation. Besides, it can also treat inflammation and other parts of the range of infection, and its role is to affect the entire tissue system. Now, as the weather gets colder, the number of times of urinating is reduced due to the chance of drinking water, and outdoor activities are reduced, which will aggravate the symptoms of prostatitis. Therefore, when the temperature drops in winter, the number of men who have prostatitis will increase. Especially for men who have already had prostatitis, the recurrence rate in winter will also be relatively high. Therefore, men should pay attention to keeping warm.