Water Purifiers Basic Information

Purifiers Basic Information Water is main concerning element in nature or in living things. In the human body 70 percent is water. So we have to need to used pure and healthy with containing all minerals. Presently the water quality decreases day by day because of destroying of natural resources and over consumption. Industrial progress also affected the quality. The wastage of industries unbalanced the chemical properties and changed the nature. We can say that it also affected the pH level of water. The water have the Ideal pH value is 7. (Less than 7 it becomes acidic and more than 7 it becomes alkaline) So the pH factor have the great role in water quality. TDS (Total dissolve salts) also have the main role in water quality. TDS shows the value of dissolve salts into it. We can measures TDS in ppm(particle per million). According to WHO (World Health Organisation) TDS level less than 500 ppm is good for drinking and health. So, to over come this problem the water purifiers comes in the market with several design and technologies. Water Purifiers have different technologies to Reduce/Increase the TDS Level of water. The Best Technologies are as: RO Purification Technology UV Purification Technology UF Purification Technology RO+UV+UF Purification Technology Additional Alkaline Technology RO Purification technology: In RO Purification technology the Purifier contains RO membrane which have pore size 0.0001 micron that is very less and do not allow the dissolve salts to passes through it. Mainly this technology used to reduce TDS. UV Purification technology: UV Purification technology contains Ultra violet filtration lamp that produce ultra rays. The bacteria,virus deactivate by the ultra violet rays and purify the water. UV Water Purification technology used where the TDS is less than 500 ppm. UF Purification Technology: UF Purification Technology or Gravity Based Technology is used only for low water TDS level up to 500 ppm. It can remove dust, mud, Clay etc. or we can say that it can removed physical impurities only. Alkaline technology – It depends on the pH value of water in which if the pH level is less than 7 then the properties of water changes and it become acidic which is very for human body or we can say that not for drinking. and if the pH value is more than 7 then it is alkaline and useful for health. So in this technology an additional filter used for changed the properties of water and make it alkaline and drinkable.

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