Noodles And Meat, An Awesome Way To Pamper Yourself

Would you believe this, there could be a combination created with noodles and steak? It’s a seductive affair filled with decadence. Can you imagine you could be sitting at a restaurant with a humble hill of noodles, strewn with pieces of filet mignon- thoroughly grilled; with a hint of mango and avocado? Also don’t get surprised to learn the amount of sugar that finds its way into the platter. Don’t even feel guilty about it, in case if you realise the sugar content. The bouncy noodles coupled with the smoky essence of steak, the tart dressing, the crispy vegetables and the little bit of fish sauce gives it a heavenly taste. To begin with, you need to mash a little bit of Serrano chilies along with a few garlic cloves. By breaking the chilies you actually tend to release its flavours. Now, get the mashed chilies and clove in lime juice and honey. Add some vegetable oil in it. These ingredients make way for a perfect marinade which you are going to brush on the meat. Give it ten minutes time and the flavour will flow into the meat. After you have got the marinade prepared cook the noodles; rice noodles are preferred in this case. The good thing about rice noodles is that it tastes good even after you have put it in the refrigerator and stored it for long. Couple it up with any healthy veggie, nicely crisped. Some chefs are of the opinion that Napa Cabbage, daikon and a few slices of cucumber will add to a cool crispy taste. Salt the vegetables together and after a few minutes drain the water. Now, it’s time for the meat to get dressed. With all that honey, garlic and lemon, the steak is seriously going to look great. May be its just waiting to get charred. The sugar content in honey, caramelizes when put on the skillet, giving the meat a crispy layer for you to enjoy. The filet mignon is simply going to burst in flavour as you sink your teeth on to it. Thinly slice the meat and combine it with the remaining portion of the dressing, the noodles and vegetables namely. Get some peanuts chopped and add mint leaves if you want. It’s going to be a gala dinner night for you, somewhat like the feel you get in one of those posh American steak restaurants in London.

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