How Much Do Accountants Make

In the business world, accounting comes among the important aspects. With no accounting, budgeting would be impossible to manage and understand. Individuals workings accountant can be found all over the country working for a broad range of businesses or organizations, each has its own special way to contribute towards the improvement of the business industry. But, how much does an accountant make? There are various aspects and departments of accounting that you may not know until now. An individual working as an accountant can make enough money to live life comfortably. By taking up an accounting course in Delhi, an individual can learn the required skills and gain knowledge for becoming an accountant and make a successful career. Below are given some top-paying jobs for an individual trying to make a career in accounting – Financial manager – in a company financial manager is given the responsibility of making sure that the financial department works effortlessly. They monitor the work of financial analysts and accountants. It helps them in making a new strategy which can result in higher financial success. The assistance provided by these managers is matchless by any other means. Working at the position of financial manager an individual can earn $117,990 annually. Software developer – technology has changed the working of accounting. The introduction of new technologies in the market is possible because of accounting software developers. They made huge efforts to create a program that is helpful and makes an accountant’s work easier. These software developers have the potential to earn around $100,690 annually. Professor of accounting – accountants can spread their knowledge on the subject by becoming an accounting professor. These accounting professors are familiar with all the basics of accounting and they can provide this information to the students studying accounting. Accounting professors can earn through this profession $92,220. Financial advisor – accountants can play the role of a personal financial advisor. They can help people in financial planning and investment. A financial advisor works one client at a time to make sure, that they are making the right decisions related to planning and investment. They can earn as a monetary reward of around $89160 annually. Financial analyst (senior) – financial analysts provide insights to companies, banks, and organizations related to financial investments. Individuals work with financial analysts to make changes in investments to earn more profit. The position of senior financial analysts will help you in earning $80,310 annually. Risk analyst – there is more to finance than just accounting. In order to offer the best services to the customers, businesses must provide services that are trustworthy and reliable. the risk analyst helps the company in determining that the portfolio is strong and will help in earning more profit in the future. Risk analysts earn around $78,010 annually. Budget analyst – a budget analyst do more than just bookkeeping for the organization. They provide precious advice to the organization and contribute towards the highly helpful spending. They play a huge role in planning and enforcement of budget. The average salary for this aspect of accounting is $71,590 annually. Accounting clerk – accounting clerk manages in and out of funds on a daily basis. They are the main sources of information on income statements, spending and tax records. These individuals are mostly found in large and medium scale organizations. they basically earn between $22,940 – $57,920 annually. Bookkeeper – every company or organization employ bookkeepers. They are the main controllers of financial transactions. In the company they work, they manage the general ledgers by using the transactions done by the company. Bookkeepers are mostly found in the small scale business. They are very important for daily business. The average earning of a bookkeeper is around $37,250 annually.

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