Is it Illegal to Sell a Car With a Broken Engine? – Find Out How to Sell Cars With Engine Issues

Your car isn’t running right. It started up just fine and had no problems on your highway drive. But then, ‘sputter sputter sputter, clang clang BANG’ and it stalled. It starts but you just don’t trust it anymore. Obviously, you’re ticked. You decide that the time has come to put the ‘FOR SALE’ sign on the window and part ways with your car. But is it legal to sell a car with a bad engine? Selling a car with mechanical problems is a grey area at best. As the seller, you have certain responsibilities – as well as rights – when it comes to selling your vehicle. Let’s take a look at the legalities of selling a car that does not run or needs repairs. Can I Sell My Car With A Blown Engine? Can You Sell a Car with Blown Engine? The short answer is ‘YES’. You can sell a car with a blown engine. From a legal standpoint, your vehicle has to be in the condition you describe it in. If your engine is blown and won’t start, it’s pretty clear to a buyer: they’re going to need to do some engine work. There’s no good way to pull the wool over a buyer’s eyes when the car just isn’t going to run. Selling a car that does not run is not an easy task, though. With a blown engine, there aren’t many people who are willing to invest money in that type of vehicle. A few reasons: They have no idea what the cost will be to fix the engine issues. Once the engine is fixed, are there going to be other surprises hiding underneath? Most car buyers just want to drive a car, not dump time and money into repairs right away. How to Trade in a Vehicle with Engine Problems – Sell a Car That Doesn’t Start Its clear cut to sell a car that doesn’t start, but what if there are other mechanical issues instead? As a private seller, you have an obligation to accurately represent the vehicle you are selling to potential buyers, just like with an engine problem. But if the issues are mechanical, electrical, or an intermittent condition, they might not be as obvious. If you’re considering selling an automobile without disclosing the issues you know about, be very careful. The law gives car buyers a few rights that act as protection. If you haven’t fully disclosed the problems you know about, the buyer could sue you to recoup repair costs. Your car must be in merchantable condition – that is, what someone could expect to reasonable condition for a used car. And once again, you have to represent the car properly to the buyer. Can I Trade in A Car With A Bad Engine for Cash? It’s the same as a lien against your car title. You can’t sell your car without disclosing alien to the new buyer. And no, they’re probably not going to buy it if there’s a lien against it. Whether your car has a lien or has damage that means it’s not in merchantable condition, you have the responsibility to tell a buyer about it before the deal is done. Otherwise, you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law. What Do I Do With A Car With Engine Problems? How to Sell a Car with Engine Problems? Here’s a scenario: what if your car has engine issues and you can’t afford to pay for the repairs or the downtime? Are you stuck with it? No. You CAN sell a car with engine problems. It needs to be clearly detailed to the buyer. If you know how to sell a car that needs repairs, you can do it the same way: List your car in the classifieds online – Trademe, Facebook Marketplace, Auto Trader, Kwikz or a local site. Write out all the positive things about your car along with attractive photos. Add details about the car trouble you’re having. You don’t have to explain it all or give a cost estimate for repairs, just let the potential buyer know what they’re actually getting. Wait for responses, especially low-ball offers. Find The Value of My Car With A Bad Engine The biggest thing you need to know about selling a vehicle with a blown engine is how to accurately price it. Your listing won’t get any traction whatsoever if you overprice your car, but you don’t want to give it away either. Like previously mentioned, buyers need to account for unexpected expenses along with the cost of the engine repair. They don’t know what else could be wrong if they can’t test drive it! If your engine isn’t running at all or it’s blown, prepare yourself for a low sale price. The value of a car with a blown engine isn’t as easy to calculate as simply taking the cost of a new engine off the price. You’ll have to account for incidentals too. For example, if your car was worth $10000 in running condition and a used replacement engine is $2000, you might expect to list your car at $5000. But you should probably set it at $3000 because a buyer needs to assume there will be more wrong than just the cost of the engine. 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