What Kinds of Events Could Use Live Dancers?


Looking at dancers for hire or live bands can help push an event to the next level. Entertainment is a great way to get guests’ attention and ensure they have a memorable experience.

Like music, there are many genres of dance out there, so you’re likely to find just the act you need.

Make sure you know your audience and what type of dancing they would enjoy. Look as well at your venue to determine if it has the proper space for the type of dancers you’re hiring.

When You Need to Raise Money

Fundraising events are all about getting as many tickets sold as possible, and getting people to donate yet again once they’re inside.

In order to do this, you want to keep your guests engaged and having a great time. Hiring live dancers for a fundraiser adds an element of excitement to the night, and may even involve the guests directly.

Happy people who feel connected to an event and cause are more likely to reach deeper into their pockets to show monetary support.

When You’re Celebrating a Culture

This wide world is home to many peoples and cultures, most of which we all won’t get to experience in our lifetime.

A great way to bring new cultural experiences to your immediate vicinity is to hold an event that specifically honors that culture.

Art, literature, food, and music are cornerstones of cultural markers, and within that falls dancing. Many cultures use dance to tell stories and to celebrate big life events.

The music that backs these dancers aids in deepening the cultural immersion of an event, as do some costumes that dancers may wear as they are part of the culture’s traditions.

When You’ve Got a Theme

Everyone loves a good theme party! It can revolve around a movie, a decade, a music genre – people like to fall into the immersion of a theme.

Dancers are an excellent way to get people involved in the theme. A Studio 54 party can benefit from professional disco folks, and showgirls can add pizzazz to a Vegas-themed soiree.

Much like dancers who celebrate cultural traditions, themed dancers are adorned in specific garb that adds another layer to the party.

When You Need Some Extra Help

Though their main focus is dancing, some dancers for hire can help in other ways throughout your event.

If you’re handing out awards, they may act as someone who escorts presenters or winners to the stage, or may even present an award themselves.

They can sell raffle tickets or give at casino money at gambling-themed events, or be the people who wheel out the big celebratory cake.

When You Need to Break the Ice

Having dancers as a focal point helps generate conversation among guests. This can be particularly helpful with a crowd who does not know each other well and your aim is to get them to bond.

You can also station dancers at the entrance to an event to welcome guests, so the tone is set from the moment they arrive.

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